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Balaghat, Chatarpur

 Multilayered Efforts to combat Child Trafficking

According to the Constitution of India, Article 23(1) has mentioned that the traffic in human beings and beggar and other similar forms of forced labor are prohibited and any breaking of this provision shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law. Human trafficking is a process where a person is been recruited for the trafficking process or in criminal activity, relocate the human or receives by the import export process for the purpose of exploitation, miss-use and violence either within the place, city, state or country. Mostly children are trafficked for cheap labor, exploited as beggars, marriage, sex work, illegal adoption and organ trade. In the simple way, if any person forced to any person to do any work which can be a violation of the rights, it also comes into the human trafficking. If, a person had commit promises to any person about the work, marriage etc. And that person find this promise as false promise, it can be count in the human trafficking.

To work intensely on the grassroots, Aawaj has initiated a program “Parwah- A program on child trafficking” is working in the 4 districts of Madhya Pradesh. Betul & Balaghat are the source districts and Chhatarpur & Sagar are the destination districts in terms of child trafficking. Initially Aawaj chose one block from each district and 10 panchayats within the block. Currently Aawaj is working in 120 villages included in 40 panchayats of all the 4 districts. By this program Aawaj is also working with Government department’s like- Police department, DWCD etc. and also will work with the structures like- DRM, CWC, JJB, labor department, GRP & RPF, Child helpline, civil societies etc. In this Parwah program, Aawaj has to work on multiple objectives to prevent child trafficking in the project area.

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