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How We Work ?

Aawaj is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. Aawaj is committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change. Aawaaj works as a resource group. It develops the capabilities of social activists and community members in respect to different laws. Another major area is to prepare and share documents explaining different topical issues. Besides, it also looks for possibilities of advocacy on issues that emerge out of grassroots engagements and at the same time, it also seeks to bring national policies and debates at the grassroots level.

We visualize our work at multiple levels. First and foremost of which is to develop our own understanding of an issue, then to develop the capability of the community and thus to work for betterment of the society. We work to raise public awareness by spreading information about different schemes, policies and rules in a way that people are able to demand their rights on their own.We establish alliances with local, state-level and even national level networks for advocacy.

On what issues do we work? 
  • Awaaj works with the disadvantaged sections to inform them about their constitutional rights.

  • Awaaj works to ensure the participation of the youth in good governance and to develop them for active citizenship. It is also instrumental in ensuring their access to their basic rights (education, health and employment).

  • Awaaj works for implementation of child rights.

  • Awaaj works on the issues of gender discrimination, inequality and other such related issues.



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