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Adolescents and youth form a critical stakeholder in ushering in normative change towards protecting children and creating a safe and conducive environment for the development of children. A key strategy to advance the rights of children is to mobilize adolescent and youth volunteers, equip them with information and skills on child rights and protection and support them to undertake outreach activities in the community.

Thus AAWAJ join hands with UNICEF AND National Service Scheme (NSS) towards Ending Child Marriage, Preventing Child Sexual Abuse and Ending Violence against Children (EVAC) in the state. We are engaging with seven key State universities of Madhya Pradesh. Under this collaboration, NSS units in all the seven universities is focusing on child rights and protection as a key theme for action as part of their activities. Through this program we are focusing on 7 Universities of However intensive and focused activities are undertaken in 2 Universities  covering 16 districts in the first phase.

It is a volunteering approach to impact on ending Child Marriage, Child Labor and preventing violence against children in Madhya Pradesh. In this project we designed many training programs and engaging activities at various levels. It were conducted in online and offline both modes. During this process all the structures were worked out and capacity building sessions have been conducted at different levels.

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