For a vibrant democracy, we need a vibrant citizenry that is participative, responsible and constitutionally aware. Psychologically, living in a patriarchal and hierarchical society, young people are often excluded from decision making processes in the four spaces they typically occupy viz. family, friends, education/ livelihood and leisure.

The critical need of the hour is to create 5th spaces that acknowledge adolescents as active agents of change who have a right to express their views on matters that affect them, as well as make appropriate decisions. These spaces must also strengthen adolescents’ leadership capacities through action and problem-based pedagogies in a safe environment. At the same time, we believe it is imperative to build their literacy on both the rights and duties extended towards them in the Constitution of India.

Through this program, we aims to build constitutional values in young people while strengthening their capacities for self-reflection and social action. This program was designed by creating a ‘Commutiny’ in the state with 15 partner organizations and ‘AAWAJ’ was leading the role in Bhopal so that more young people join this program so as to inculcate the feeling of awareness for Rights & Duties among them.

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