Systemic Reform in Education 

  • Aawaj is running four Informal Education Centres in Hinotiya, Bismillah and Janta Quarter of Aishbaag and H quarter in Karond of Bhopal. It is generally designed to meet the basic learning need of children of age 6-14 years from disadvantaged groups outside the formal system of education. Our Centre imparts free atmosphere to out of school, working children (Rag pickers, Meat Cutter, etc) who cannot attend school without any rigidity of rules and regulations.

  • AAWAJ is working in five Anganwadi’s of Aishbaag to develop models for giving pre-school education opportunities to children through community participation. In these Anganwadi’s we provide adequate and fun environment for children to learn in different manners and through games. We have designed a curriculum of ECCE which covers all the development phases of Children. Also through this process we build the Anganwadi workers and helpers.

  • Aawaj is working with five government schools of Aishbaag. We conduct regular  Bal Sabha, and Library in these Primary Schools.

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