Who we are?

Aawaj is borne out of the commitment to work for the most neglected and marginalized sections of the society keeping in view the rights of equity and equality enshrined in the constitution. Aawaj is borne out of necessity. Though Aawaj is a young group, yet you may consider it an old one. This group was formally registered under society registration act in 2013 but the founder members had been actively working on social issues in their respective fields of expertise since a long time.

[The objective of Aawaj is to] develop an understanding of local good governance and self-governance, to make the local community conscious of its rights and to develop their capabilities in a way that they are able to defend and enforce their rights on their own. We believe that more than working for people what is required is to work with them. The scope of human rights is quite vast and it has many dimensions. Thus, in Aawaj we are trying to create a society which is right-based, well informed and which is based on deliberated alternatives.

Aawaj is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.  Aawaj is a non-profit organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.

Aawaj works on four pillars of prevention, prosecution, promotion and provision.  The issues reflected during the implementation are raised at state level through media, judiciary, legislature and administration.