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No Condition Is The Only Condition

Youngshala is not just a name. It’s not just any space. It’s an adda for young women and men. A space for young women and men from divergent backgrounds to gather and interact. A space with no formal procedures for association. A space open to all youth irrespective of their age, race, class and gender. Most importantly it’s a space where youth are convinced of our constitutional values and are committed to constitutional processes.


Youngshala is a place to thrash and unravel even those issues that we cannot discuss in our homes; maybe not in our schools or colleges either. Youngshala is clear that participants need not have shared believes, common thoughts or similar opinions. Democratic processes are core to Youngshala, and uniformity we believe hinders democratic processes. We even voted to choose a name for ourselves. Not to say Youngshala won hands down.


Rubaru means a series of discussion and dialogue over various issues.  The discussions are designed for one to one interaction where youth feel free to place their views comfortably in front of subject expert. The expert’s answers - clear mental cobwebs and perhaps reorient worldviews.

Paigham E  Aman

Paigham E Aman is a thought through which we started talking to the youth about the value, UNITY. Under this series, we attempt to spread the message of sister and brotherhood among Hindus, Muslims and other religions. It is thought to bring values of fraternity among youth.

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